Thursday, April 10, 2014

The one I'll be moving forward with. Can't seem to shake the spooky themes.
Some Horde racial crests.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Around the start of October 2013, I received an offer on polycount to work on Bloom, a game being developed by students in USC's Advanced Games program. The whole art team is global, a couple lead artists are local to the school. We keep tasks in check online pretty well, everyone does a good job and the game is coming along nicely.

Earthen cliffside.

Made a junk cube that matched the others in the first level. 

My cube is in there somewhere. hahah
I textured this thing, a spike that Sprout uses to do his platformy stuff.

Modular platform, primarily for the first bossfight.

Helmet that's going to be a wearable unlockable, as a nod to USC's mascot.

Another easter egg environment piece, the VKC tower, a nod to USC.